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A child’s flip-flop on the sidewalk never missed Not a friend of discomfort yet she doesn’t feel the loss Arms hold her above the grime and grit a shoulder assumed, expected, accepted No fears just sweet surrender to the joy … Continue reading

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Horror and Hope – can they exist together?

Jewish Fall Holy Days,  Rabbi Rami Shapiro “For me, making peace with God is about remembering that God isn’t about salvation or damnation, reward or punishment. God is about reality for God is reality. I make peace with God by … Continue reading

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God in Search of Man

Religion is more than a creed or an ideology and cannot be understood when detached from acts and events. It comes to light in moments when one’s soul is shaken with unmitigated concern about the meaning of all meaning, about … Continue reading

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The need for hope

People want hope in something other than the life they have, and if their life is awful that is understandable. However, the life we have is the only reality we can be sure of. Projecting our hopes and expectations of … Continue reading

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