Original Blessing

Since “blessing” is the theological word for “goodness,” original blessing is about original goodness. The forces of fear and pessimism so prevalent in society and religion need to be countered by an increased awareness of awe and goodness. The goodness is inherent in the beauty, wisdom, and wonder of creation. Goodness and creation go together as do goodness and God. As Meister Eckhart put it, “Goodness is the proper name of God the Creator.”  When creation becomes the starting point of spirituality once again, then hope will return also. We will see everything differently, including Divinity itself. This blessing awareness will motivate us to hopeful – and generous – actions.

                       Original Blessing, Matthew Fox


Originally published in 1983, Original Blessing was re-issued in 2000, garnering renewed support from those who read it over twenty years ago, and capturing the imagination of a whole new generation of spiritual travelers. In a wonderful moment or circularity, the new preface makes reference to the writings of Pema Chodron a Buddhist nun whose writings I have just discovered.

I keep coming back to this theme of Creation-Spirituality, perhaps as an antidote to the traditional Christian focus on sin, suffering, and the cross. But can Creation-Spirituality survive the theories of multiple universes and the Big Bang? Can we sustain the belief that the original nature of the world and of humanity is good, and a reflection of The Good/The Creator God, in the light of science’s insistence that there is no rhyme, no reason, no Intelligent Design?  Well, maybe we can. But only in our own little universe.


About Mona

I am a wife, mother, and author. I taught high school for 27 years and I was a hospital and hospice chaplain until my health required that I retire. I miss my hospital coworkers and cannot imagine how terrible this year and last year have been. I want to be there for them in at least this small way.
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