Unexpected Grace

Cloud in the sunlight

Have you ever had a moment where you felt the hand of God somehow in your life…

  • A moment when a car suddenly careens towards you but somehow manages to avoid hitting you.
  • A sudden view of the sunlight through the clouds on a miserable rainy day.
  • Before you leave home, suddenly remembering an important item that was completely out of your thoughts.
  • Reading something that provides you with the right words to help a patient that very day.

Maybe it was something bigger, like choosing a particular college and a particular major that your family opposed and meeting your future husband on the first day…that happened to me.

These moments can be viewed as coincidences or happy random events. But another way of looking at them is as moments of Grace. Perhaps God is in our lives more often than we realize. Of course, we might then ask, well why doesn’t God respond when I pray for certain things? Why does God not always save us from the wreck or the mistake?

And these are valid questions. But what if we let go of the questions, just for today and instead accept these moments of grace as gifts and simply give thanks.


About Mona

I am a wife, mother, and author. I taught high school for 27 years and I was a hospital and hospice chaplain until my health required that I retire. I miss my hospital coworkers and cannot imagine how terrible this year and last year have been. I want to be there for them in at least this small way.
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