Millennials and God: are they atheists or modern theists?

Is it true that the millennials aren’t interested in God? Or is it that they don’t believe in the God that the traditional theists believe in: the patriarchal, omnipotent, judging God who required a blood sacrifice in order to facilitate his reconciliation to the fallen human race? Well, for the record: I don’t believe in the God they don’t believe in either!

I think there is a lot of room for, and need for, a reevaluation of the theistic concept of God.

I recommend the writings of Bishop John Shelby Spong, Rabbi Rami Shapiro,  Elizabeth Johnson, Marcus Borg, Elaine Pagels, Karen Armstrong,

Maybe start with Gavin Hyman, A Short History of Atheism.


About Mona

I am a wife, mother, and author. I taught high school for 27 years and I was a hospital and hospice chaplain until my health required that I retire. I miss my hospital coworkers and cannot imagine how terrible this year and last year have been. I want to be there for them in at least this small way.
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